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Why Coaching?

“Leaders Never Go Alone: Vas Narasimhan in conversation with Jennifer Garvey Berger”

As an Executive Coach I have found many resources to be of particular value...

I. Journaling

Journaling increases my self-awareness, encourages me to identify & prioritize goals, improves my self-discipline, helps me envision where I want to take my career & personal life, plus makes me more grateful for what I have & what the future has in store for me.


Speaking of self-awareness, here is a humorous take on self-awareness (or lack thereof).

It's not about the nail":

II. New Media

TedTalks, YouTube videos and Podcasts can be provocative and educational. Here are a few that will stand the test of time …  

Shawn Achor on 'The Happy Secret to Better Work':

Brene Brown on 'The Power of Vulnerability':

Scott Dinsmore on 'How to Find the Work You Love':

I have experienced the transformative power of working with an Executive Coach. My coach has helped me re-look at my values and skills, develop a vision for my future and set the course for expanding my coaching practice. Our work together has helped me determine a view of where I want to grow professionally (and an action plan to get there!) that drives both my personal and professional happiness, satisfaction and results.


I know that Leadership coaching works! ~ in Companies, Not for Profit Institutions, Government, the Military, Teams and personally!

III. Hiring a Coach

Jill has been instrumental in my Leadership Development. She took time early on to understand my goals and targeted

her coaching accordingly.... By leveraging her years of experience, Jill was able to clearly articulate the 'why' behind her (coaching approach). The insights I gleaned from these conversations helped me to become a better & more effective leader."  

~ Prior Direct Report, MBA Candidate

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