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“I engaged Jill to coach one of my high potential staff members. She worked with this staffer for 6 months and the results have been phenomenal. This staff member has more confidence and clarity in her role with the company and in herself personally. Initially, my expectations for results were not high -- I was very wrong! I feel this employee will shine brighter with greater positive outcomes as a result of Jill's coaching.” 

CEO, Staffing, Training, Professional Outsourcing Services Company

“Jill is a natural coach. With her keen EQ, she identifies strengths and stressors. She possesses a genuine interest in partnering and provides strong positive support while firmly guiding where development is beneficial. I am deeply grateful for her effective coaching.” 

VP, Strategic Planning for a Global Manufacturing Business

“Jill has been instrumental in my Leadership Development. She took time early on to understand my goals and targeted her coaching accordingly.... By leveraging her years of experience, Jill was able to clearly articulate the ‘why’ behind her (coaching approach). The insights I gleaned from these conversations helped me become a better and more effective leader.”

Management consultant, Global ‘top 10’ consulting firm

“Jill has been crucial in helping me become a better businessperson. Her coaching has helped me understand what I need to improve on and create a roadmap to make those improvements come to fruition.”

Sales Manager, CPG

“I was very pleased with the coaching sessions and found them to be very refreshing in terms of content and feedback. There were a few suggestions that although might have  seemed  subtle at the moment, resonate with me to this date. Be an advocate for yourself... I will forever live by that.”

COO, Global Service company

“Working with Jill was terrific. She helped me take a step back from the daily grind, think about our organization’s challenges and opportunities in a systematic way, and identify strategies for how best to move forward.”

Senior Leader, National Research Organization

“After going through a managerial readiness assessment at my company, I found out that there was more to being successful in business than just decision making and strategy. I started using a coach to help ensure that the perception of others around me matched the perception of who I thought I was. Jill Perrin, my coach, has been able to help me come closer to this goal. I've been able to become more self-aware of how others may interpret my actions, I've become focused on making sure I bring everyone along, and I've become an overall better coworker to those around me.”

High Potential Millennial, CPG

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