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Step forward… Unlock your leadership abilities

Unlocked Leadership   offers both individual and group coaching services to help you and your team learn, develop and thrive. We believe trust, empathy, hard work and a sense of humor are essential for a successful coaching engagement. All of our services are offered in-person and virtually.


Executive Coaching

We specialize in helping our Clients increase self-awareness, capitalize on strengths, identify roadblocks, navigate change and unlock their untapped potential to achieve happiness and success. Working with Unlocked Leadership will transform how you identify, frame and address opportunities and stressors, subsequently becoming more agile to drive positive outcomes in both your personal and professional life. 

Group Coaching

Smart organizations understand that people are their most important asset, and that leadership development is needed to drive connectedness and maintain a competitive advantage. We incorporate coaching and management tools and models into your action planning to integrate new insights and help you and your team remain steady but nimble, drive innovation and be forward-focused in this rapidly shifting marketplace. 

Facilitation Services

We apply our OPEN coaching approach to facilitation for the executive and management levels on a range of essential business matters and in a variety of contexts. These include strategic planning, team building, innovating, and leading organizations in times of transition and upheaval. 

Advisory Services 

Our experience with F100 companies and successful start-ups provides an in-depth understanding of how to manage the stressors that leaders are now facing to an unprecedented degree. From warp-speed re-prioritization and decision-making with limited data to the ruthless scrutiny of resources, we understand that leadership effectiveness and developing new thinking is critical for every organization. 

Online Leadership Training 

As a leader’s role broadens, either through a promotion or the expansion of current responsibilities, new skills and tools are often needed for continued success. Our series of six highly interactive virtual instructor-led classes coupled with group coaching sessions is focused on ‘Expanding Leadership Capabilities.’ Participants will explore topics such as

  • Increasing Resilience

  • Communicating Vision

  • Building Emotional Intelligence

  • Holding Difficult Conversations

  • Developing Intentional Leadership

  • Managing through Ambiguity and Uncertainty

xecutive coaching
Group Coaching
Advisory Services

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” 


Benefits of Unlocked Leadership coaching 

Through a coaching engagement with Unlocked Leadership, you’ll: 

  • Increase clarity around your values, strengths and goals

  • Expand leadership perspective, capabilities and executive presence

  • Improve confidence, control and communications impact

  • Develop resilience and self-advocacy skills

  • Enhance decision-making and team-building skills

  • Thrive in challenging corporate cultures

  • Improve work / life / family balance

  • Prepare for the next aspect of leadership and ‘what’s next?’ 

Find out how Unlocked Leadership can help you unlock your leadership strengths, talents and abilities. 

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