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Step forward… Create a pathway for growth

At Unlocked Leadership   no two coaching engagements are alike. Every client is different and their objectives unique, so we bring a deep curiosity to explore the whole person and their aspirations. We take great care to look at the full range of dimensions we have framed in our proprietary OPEN model.



Observe... Where do you find energy and happiness? Are you moving towards goals that you care deeply about? What is the impact on others of how you lead? How well do you take care of mind, body and spirit?  


Perceive... Do you live in sync with your values? What really matters? Do you have a clear sense of how others value you and your work? What are your hidden talents? Are you ready for something different? 


Explore... What new goals excite you? What is your vision of how you want to lead? How can you create a fulfilling future using a growth mindset? How can you innovate and develop new options for growth?  


Navigate... How courageous and vulnerable are you willing to be? What risks are you willing to take? What new beliefs and behaviors are you willing to try to achieve your goals? How will you step forward?   


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 

Lao Tzu  

The Coach’s Role 

My role as your coach is to create a safe and completely private space that allows you to have conversations you rarely have and to make changes you may be hesitant to experiment with. To help you create a clearsighted vision of where you want to go. To challenge you and your beliefs. To encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. To deliberate on what is and is not serving you. To help you hold yourself accountable.


I’ll serve as your ally, guide and accountability partner to drive an experience that yields increased self-awareness and insight on your part. 


I’ll create an environment of openness, mutual respect, trust, confidentiality and action-orientation. This environment will allow you to imagine the direction you want to grow, develop plans to get there, test new beliefs and behaviors, iterate based on learnings, and ultimately thrive.


Creating momentum is grounded in open conversation and exploration, reflection, and using a broad-based set of tools (ex. Values Clarification and Goal Setting) and assessments (ex. 360 Interviews, Myers Briggs, Positive Intelligence) to develop insights and guide development of tailored robust and exciting action plans.

Find out how Unlocked Leadership can help you step forward to achieve your goals. 

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