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My Approach

My role as a Coach is to drive a process that yields increased self-awareness and insight on the part of Clients. Building our relationship and trust includes using a set of broad-based guided activities (ex. Values Clarification) and assessments (ex. 360 Input), conversations, reflections, and related synthesis and action planning.


As a Coach I will set up an environment of openness, mutual respect, trust, confidentiality, and action-orientation.  

My view of effective coaching is that the insights discovered help Clients make decisions and operate in a way that better aligns with their values and capitalizes on their strengths.  From this,  Clients can grow and deliver improved results, performance, and happiness.

So What Might We Work On?

Expanding your executive presence

Improving your self-advocacy skills with Senior Leaders

Thriving when newly promoted

Fitting into the corporate culture

Preparing for the next level of leadership

Incorporating developmental feedback

Improving work / life / family balance

Enhancing time management and goal setting skills

Framing ‘what’s next?’ post-retirement

"I felt stuck in my current role, and was looking for guidance getting me 'over the hump' to the next phase of my career goals.  Jill did a fabulous job.  She spent our introductory time understanding my needs, then we mapped out a 3-month coaching strategy, which proved to be very helpful.  I enjoyed that Jill was not in (my industry) because it allowed me to learn C-suite tools that I had not encountered....  I'm forever thankful to Jill, and highly recommend her...."   

 ~ SVP, US health care management company 

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