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Client Outcomes

The majority of Unlocked Leadership  coaching engagements include a Narrative 360 assessment to gather in-depth qualitative feedback on the Client’s uniqueness, strengths and growth areas. Jill measures on the back end the impact of a client’s behavior change based on the 360 impressions. To date, each of Jill’s Clients has shown improvement vs. goals 100% of the time. In addition, Jill has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) score of 90+ (on a scale of 0-100 where anything above 70 considered ‘world class’).

Unlocked Leadership has had the pleasure of coaching Clients who work in a variety of companies, including Toyota, Medtronic, SalesForce, Slack, US Army, Pew Research Center, CNN, Warner Brothers, General Mills, Valiant Integrated Services, Vaco, Exxon-Mobile, Pinkerton Security Services, 4Word, Educational First Steps, Capella/Stryker, Imprimis and Vista Equity Partners.


Valerie Headshot_B&W.jpg

“I engaged Jill to coach one of my high potential staff members. She worked with this staffer for six months and the results have been phenomenal. This staff member has more confidence and clarity in her role with the company and in herself personally. I feel this employee will shine brighter with greater positive outcomes as a result of Jill's coaching.” 


Valerie Freeman

CEO, Imprimis Group, Inc.


“I strongly recommend Jill as a coach. Jill was instrumental in providing me a sounding board as I navigated the changes in my organization while facing the challenges of my new role. She helped me focus on what I could control and helped me identify skills I didn’t know I had. I was able to tap into my talent as a leader, motivate my team and get results.” 


Shannon Upchurch  

Manager of Broadcast IT Support Engineering, Turner


“I was very pleased with our coaching sessions and found them to be very refreshing in terms of content and feedback. There were a few suggestions that although might have seemed subtle at the moment, resonate with me to this date. Be an advocate for yourself... I will forever live by that.”


Miguel Martinez 

VP, Global Risk Management Company


“Jill has been instrumental in my leadership and career development.
She took time early on to understand my goals and targeted her coaching accordingly. By leveraging her years of experience, Jill was able to clearly articulate the “why” behind her approach. The insights I gleaned from our conversations helped me to become a better and more effective leader.” 


Katie Kirkpatrick 

Senior Associate, People & Organization, PwC


“Jill has been crucial in helping me become a better businessperson. Her coaching has helped me understand what I need to improve on and create a roadmap to make those improvements come to fruition.” 


Max Berkowitz 

Product Sales Manager, General Mills


“Jill approached each session with grace and empathy. We worked through tough work situations and were able to come up with tangible exercises to improve my growth as a professional. She helped me shift my language to be seen more as a leader. After working with Jill, I feel as if nothing is impossible and that I can tackle challenges big or small. I’m excited to continue my coaching journey with her.”


Vivian Urata 

Staff Product Designer, Slack Technologies

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